You can be a responsible pet owner by complying with the requirements set out in the new Dog Act:

  • Provide food, water, shelter, enough space to walk around, and medical care when suffering.
  • Prevent your dog from wandering the streets with a fenced in yard, a dog run cable, or a dog run.
  • Keep it on a leash when in public areas.

Additionally, there are other actions you should take at a minimum to be a responsible dog owner:

  • Train or socialize your dog.
  • Make your dog identifiable with a dog tag or a chip.
  • Prevent your dog from having unwanted puppies, preferably by operation. The only good reason not to spay/neuter is if you’re conscientiously breeding the dog and acting responsibly with the puppies.
  • Prevent disease by vaccination, giving heartworm medication, and keeping your dog tick free.
  • Visit your veterinarian for a yearly check up/vaccination.