The Plataforma Ley di Cacho is a joint effort of the Aruban government, the private sector, and non-profit organizations on the island. Its mission is to promote responsible dog ownership on Aruba. The Plataforma’s primary objective is to inform dog owners about their responsibilities as required by Aruba’s new Dog Act, which was implemented on January 1, 2015, and enforced by authorities thereafter.

The following organizations are members of the Plataforma Ley di Cacho:


logo_aruba_policeAruba Police Force
logo_despaDepartment of Public Health
logo_aruba_coat_of_armsDepartment of Justice
Veterinary Service Aruba

Private Sector:

logo_animal_care_clinicAnimal Care Clinic
logo_aruba_dog_academyAruba Dog Academy
logo_ataAruba Tourism Authority
logo_contrerasContreras Veterinary Services
logo_fluffy_pawsFluffy Paws Exclusive
logo_vkaVeterinary Clinics Aruba

Non-Profit Organizations:

logo_animal_rightsAnimal Rights Aruba
logo_animal_rescueAruba Animal Rescue Foundation
logo_animal_shelterAruba Animal Shelter