cacho-den-curaOn January 1, 2015, the Dog Act, adopted unanimously by the Aruban Parliament, went into effect.

If you own a dog, what does this mean for YOU?

  1. YOU must always keep your dog on YOUR terrain! If your terrain is not completely fenced, you must use a dog run cable (of at least 10 meters long) or a dog run (of at least 2 meters high and 7 m²) for free movement of the dog.
  2. Outside your terrain, your dog must be on a leash.
  3. You are obligated to provide proper care for your dog. This means: daily sufficient and balanced food; drink water always available; shelter from sun, rain, and wind; and medical care of a veterinarian when needed.
  4. Animal abuse, including dog fighting, is punishable as a criminal offense.

Breaking this law can result in a fine, incarceration of the owner, and/or confiscation of your dog. Maximum fine is Afl. 10,000. Repeat offenders will receive higher fines.

Read the law in full for detailed information.